The College Girl Regimen

From being the study worm dedicating her hours at Fondren library maintaining her 4.0 or the one binge-watching sex and the city through her 8 am lecture, we all intertwine one way or another. The girl who spends hours on contouring to run into the guy she’s been social media stalking since Monday compared to the girl who can’t wait to meet her girls at Nobu for catching up on who just got publicly shamed. We all have different mantras but we also all intertwine through our college existence. For the “best years of our life,” it doesn’t come so easy, I wish I was handed a rulebook instead of my econ. syllabus. I decided halfway through the years of sleepless nights due to hundreds of irrelevant essays and midterms, wasting time on texts I never got and debating what’s worth losing yourself for, to create a regimen for us that would be the key to show that living in regret or a daze would not be the end of the world.

GPA doesn’t define you: Whether you have perfect attendance and moved into the library dosed up on a stimulant (or expressos) in an attempt to keep a 4.0 will mentally destroy you. GPA is a large factor in your college career don’t get me wrong, but basing your life on it could push you back two steps behind rather than two steps forward. You can still have a plan to UT Southwestern or Dedman School of Law but reinvent your weaknesses to strong points. Regardless of what your plans are after these next four years, they are based on the person you grew to be rather than the precise number on your resumé.

Defining what’s temporary: Till this day we all stay hopeful through every situation but always get the same end result that things change. Remember when your mom could spot your fake friends from a mile away and she was always right. We might have not been born with that instinct but there are red flags that we choose to avoid. That one friend who chooses a night out with that one boy she met in the hallway over that night you couldn’t have needed her more should’ve switched the light bulb in your brain. Temporary isn’t forever and forever isn’t temporary.

Men/Boys: If you’re going into college assuming you’re going to meet the one, prepare to be screwed over. College isn’t the fishbowl where you’re going to find another fish in the sea, it’s where you go to explore yourself. We as girls get caught up in finding love and don’t even realize what we are missing out on. Trust me when I say it will come to you when you’re not looking for it. Plus, College boys are almost as mature as your 12-year-old cousin. Not saying it’s impossible to find the one and boys are the enemy but don’t treat them as a priority.

College festivities: Social standards aren’t based on how many party invites you got or didn’t get, it’s about how many parties you’ve been too (totally kidding). If you’re worried about judgment from the poker-faced girls in the corner, you’re not living for yourself. Forget who’s watching and be whoever you want to be. This might be the only time we get to make countless mistakes without having to be accountable for them. We should take these good times to not only have a story to tell in a few years but a piece of who defines us later on. On the other side of the spectrum, college festivities aren’t everything. They could not be your thing and that’s totally fine, it’s not mandatory to go. It doesn’t classify you as dull and it never will.

Freshman fifteen: You aren’t subject to your mom’s cooking anymore so devouring on bomb tacos from the shack down the block is acceptable in my terms. The midnight binging on Oreos and hot Cheetos due to whatever is ACCEPTABLE too. I’m not saying do it every second of every day because diabetes might be in your near future but don’t kill yourself from temptation. Remember what we learned in elementary, the basics of balance. Working out a couple of days a week and a few temptations won’t make you want to break the mirror. Our weight is always fluctuating and gaining a couple of pounds isn’t so bad but hopefully, it ends up in the right places.

Comparisons: She could have the body of a sports illustrated model, Kim K’s butt and Kylie Jenner’s lips but you have you. You’re not going to get sympathy from eye stalking what you want and can’t have. Little do you know, somebody is comparing themselves to you. It’s a never-ending cycle we need to quit. It’s time to be content. Don’t depend on somebody to make you comfortable with yourself or just push the notion altogether and remain self-conscious. Rep it.

Dates: You’re hitting date #3 within two weeks and it’s been nothing but laughs and googly eyes. Trotting into your room on cloud nine assuming there’s date #4 and a fulfilled weekend ahead of you. Sunday rolls around and your phones blowing up, only by the girls’ group chat. The major mistake is you assuming wedding bells in the near future while he used it as a distraction. Dates could lead to somewhere or nowhere. On the other side, just because you’re not looking for someone doesn’t mean that one date couldn’t start something wonderful either.

Travel: We want to make the most of these years but a trip to Paris or a semester abroad in Spain could really mold you into being well rounded. Traveling is what our souls need and almost essential. If you’re on a college girl budget but you’re deprived of a vacation, do a road trip with the girls. Try not to spend every spring break in Cabo and explore new places. I mean what’s not to like when shopping for traveling necessities is the best part.

Birthdays: You’re going to be 4 years older and hopefully wiser by the end of this experience. Don’t rush it to just finally be able to not sneak into places and be embarrassed by your baby face. You’ll realize by year 4 the adrenaline rush was the best part and having a baby face could be your biggest blessing. Age is just a number, it’s how you spend your days in those numbers are how it counts. Give or take these are the golden days, they’re only the start of the purpose of our lives.

Memories: Memories are built from the days that give you shivers of embarrassment to the days you wish could be on repeat. These are the years we remember most because it’s what breaks you from childhood to the real word. Even with the countless memories, don’t remember college as your peak. It was a beautiful part of your life but it’s not all of it. Even if it wasn’t what you expected, when you switch your tassel to the other side you’ll realize what college was worth.

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