Mellow/Manic Mind

Mindfully meeting your mind halfway between manic and mellow.


Fresh, crisp air. Abandoned bookstores. Famished grocery runs. Cotton candy skies. Freshly-made watermelon Juice. Mindful yet mindless tunes. Intellectual brainstorms with the epitome of mentors. Oysters. Organized syn·chro·nic·i·ty. Zen spaces paired with a set of 3 candles. Skincare routines for baby soft feels. True crime podcasts mixed with matching pajama sets. Bunking with books in bed w/ spicy edamame. Taking your own purpose seriously but not yourself. Learning to let go and live, selflessly but also a little selfishly.

Some can get to where they want to be quicker, w/ calculated logic. To fast-forward life and live on autopilot, hoping your cards are dealt right. In essence, this route lacks all emotion due to relying on cruise control. You ignore the highs and lows, cruising, sunroof down. The thought of life will take you wherever it takes you: Mellow Mind.


Muggy, humid air. Crowded restaurants. Thick thunderstorms. Martinis. Nostalgic playlists attached from a memory scorecard. Late nights in lights. Small yet intuitive talk. Processed childhood food. Fearlessly yet recklessly inserting yourself within different crowds and places. Static/speed mind. Removing the burden of responsibilities. Lack of depth due to enjoying the moment. Alternatively, not at all enjoying the moment. Losing focus. Lost promises. Living passionately and endlessly through most moments.

Oh, to be ruthless to get to where you need to be in this dog eat dog world. To be fierce, can be hazardous? The collateral of intertwining through a highway at 100mph with AC/Music blasting is the last thing on the mind of a manic. What’s first? Only the destination. Everything can get blurry due to the lack of time. Granted, they care about the passengers. However, they’re in the drivers seat after all, passengers can enjoy the ride. I mean, manics are in competition with every other car that’s blocking their view, but mainly with themselves and time: Manic Mind.


70s weather. A classic hangout spot. Surreal sunsets. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. New song finds and nostalgic playlists on shuffle. Heart-wrenching discussions mixed with witty, lighthearted conversations. Making memories in Europe hostels but packing lessons learned when getting pickpocketed. A mind that works. Connecting the dots under life realizations while admiring the stars. Being the realest version of ‘you’ that you can be (minus stressing extra about the if, ands or buts). Just living golden.

Discovering backroads can take a little bit longer. The Tesla going 49 on a 55 in front of you on the one way road will test your patience on some days. You’ll embrace the highs and lows of getting lost. You physically, emotionally and mentally, go through them in order to learn lessons on a different level. You can do the mini wave with your hands out the window and get caught up in the beauty of life, but not for too long, you’re not trying to have a car take your hand on the other side of the road. Equally living out your purpose with passion, love, emotion, but also logic, seems almost illogical due to the patience and strength it requires. Moreover, maintaining a mellow mind seems absurd because you feel manic since you’re not on the main road with more straight shot lanes. Yet, the little something apple maps won’t teach you challenges you to keep going while remaining patient enough to do so. Notably, when you’re able to find your own ways to the destination, admiring the surroundings and acknowledging the distractions with a full emotional scale: Mellow/Manic Mind.

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