How to Trick or [Treat] a Lady

Who doesn’t want to be treated like a lady? Yes, we’re in an era of being independent young women who don’t need men to take care of us BUT that doesn’t mean chivalry should be dead. I’m not saying women should be submissive to men and rely on them. However no matter how successful or independent a woman is, men should contribute to her physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Physical well-being:

Men always want their significant other to look like a trophy. I get that, men think with their eyes sometimes whether we like to admit it or not. That does NOT give you the okay to criticize the physical features she can or can’t control. Don’t judge her for eating the whole world, trust me. She’s already being hard on herself for eating her weight in food. Instead, be her support system. Take her to the gym with you but (don’t criticize what’s wrong with her body and which machines will help her, true story has happened to me.) Don’t check out other girls in front of her, we’re not clueless. That second take you just took at the blonde with big boobs was as obvious as you like liking those Instagram pictures of your ex.

Do tell her she’s beautiful whenever you think she is. Compliments never go to waste, especially with us. We all adore attention but don’t overdo it. I just woke up and my hair looks like I came back from an all-nighter in Cabo, I do NOT look sexy.

Emotional well-being:

I hate to say it but yes, we can be more emotionally unstable than you. We will have our days where we cry from frustration and you’ll think we are absolutely insane or on crack. But when we’re stuck with a guy that just doesn’t get it, it makes it that much worse. The key is to just listen, you don’t even have to say the right things because guys usually don’t have a way with words unless you’re Drake. If she’s depressed about something and needs space, give it to her. That’s not some secret code to come over, I want your company. Maybe send her a handwritten letter of how you’ll always be there for her. She’ll definitely cheer up even a little bit from that.

Be sweet and be kind to her but don’t be her b****, nobody wants a man who isn’t a challenge. Show her how much you love her even if you’re bad at channeling your feelings, do it in your own manly way. We need to know we’re appreciated.

Financial well-being:

Let’s take dinner for example,

A) You offer to split the check time after time, men take advantage of that situation.

B) You don’t offer to split the check, you’re selfish or a gold-digger.

I am guilty of always refusing for a guy to pay for me. Because I feel like I’m obligated to go out with him again or he’ll think I’m using him. When I do offer to split the check time and time again, men just assume I’ll always pay for myself. Men need to understand that they need to treat women with the same decency they would treat their mom. If you took your mom out to dinner, would you let her pay for herself? Surprise her with little things, take her to that ‘thing’ she’s been dying to go to, get her the dress she wanted. We’re ladies and we still like to be treated like one.

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