Divorced Parents

I can just about guarantee that every family has encountered a divorce in their own or extended family. The reasons for divorce can be compacted into three major reasons. 1. Parents divorcing because they fell out of love and admiration. 2. Irreconcilable differences that never seemed to have a solution. 3. Realizing and agreeing that it’s for their better interest to be apart. 5, 10 or 20 years together doesn’t make anybody invulnerable. Who would have thought the day you were reciting your vows gleaming with your wedding ring on that you would only have to pawn it later. Kids or no kids, we’re easily screwed over. Your parents love you but not enough to stick it through an unwanted marriage no matter how much you beg or give the silent treatment. Unfortunately watching parent trap multiple times didn’t solve the situation. You can’t even fathom the sound of step-parents. Surroundings are everything but what if your friends’ families are those picture-perfect families that appear on the food network. I was envious that they were still able to go on family vacations, have dinner night conversations and attend one another’s life milestones. Their minuscule bickering about one another did not compare to divorced families. Split households, frequent bashful remarks about one another and a family that is corrupt. Some divorces end neutrally while others in catastrophe. What if I told you that there’s a bright side, would you believe me? Let me tell you one thing, with time all of this goes away. Maybe the family is split halfway across the United States but you do have a family. A unique one, you should see it as a second shot for both your parents to be happy. Yeah, we’re definitely far from perfect but who even wants perfect anymore. It taught me what mistakes I could dodge in the future. It shed some light on how beautiful my parents really are, I knew them more as individuals rather than a couple. I wouldn’t indisputably say divorce is a blessing but you do receive opportunities that change you as a whole. And guess what, picture-perfect families don’t get that privilege. We need to take our life misfortunes and reinvent them to something beneficial. When we’re younger, we’re too naive to understand this which is why we need time. I wish I could gather all the children of divorced parents and show them that it’s a new beginning. Let’s not have a bitter outlook on divorce rather an optimistic one.

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