Wig Out in Dallas

Guess who went shopping for Dallas Wigs all last month? First, let’s rewind. It’s a little past my 1 month anniversary for shaving my head. Let me tell you, there are a lot of pro’s. For one, you finally get to feel a breeze on your head and act like Pete Davidson. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love my decision on shaving my head, I do miss an old-fashioned blowout. As for how long it’ll take to grow back, we’ll find out through my hair growth journey.

Until then, I wanted to switch it up and have fun with it. So, I decided to find the most-natural looking wigs in Dallas. I went to countless wig shops and Margie’s Wig Salon was it.

Margie’s Wig Salon

Dallas Wig Pricing

Margie’s wigs are slightly pricey, ranging from $100-$400 depending on length and style. Thank god Margie helps you find a wig within your price range. They’re perfect if you want to switch up your hair color, length or style without doing it to your own hair. I’m not gonna lie, they truly look and feel like my own. Just remember, if you opt for a wig that’s a different color than your natural hair, your natural hair could show if it’s windy. The wigs are non-refundable but you’re able to try them on in-store. Plus, they each come with their own little stand. Here are a few of the Dallas wigs:

Malibu Barbie Wig (Dirty Blonde)

2000s Mom Wig (Chunky Layered Highlights)

Fireball Wig (Shoulder-length Redhead)

Dallas Wigs, Fireball Wig with side part.
Fireball Wig with side part.

If you’re wanting to try some on (even for selfies) or considering purchasing one, it’s by appointment only but I swear it’s worth it.

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