A Millennial Muslim Take on Dating Apps

Don’t swipe left yet, I know there is a stigma on meeting somebody online, specifically with dating apps. My friends are so against it and I get it, some of their concerns would include:

  • Aren’t dating apps for desperado people?
  • What if I’m catfished?
  • Aren’t they all creepers online?
  • I feel like they all just want to hook-up
  • What if somebody sees me on there, or worse, I see a family friend?

All very valid concerns, which is why I decided to put my online reputation on the line (you are all very welcome) to figure out which dating apps are best, specifically as a modern muslim. If this isn’t the new normal now, modern dating apps most likely will be soon. Since quarantine, there is probably a major increase in possible matches. My take on dating apps is a positive one, why limit yourself to your city, when you have the whole world at your fingertips.

Here’s my take on 3 dating apps that I’ve used: Minder, Hinge and Bumble.


Minder, Farah Qutub Profile, Dating Apps

Minder: 8/10

Okay, so Minder has this HUGE stigma to where it’s literally the weirdest app and basically a muslim minder. My brother-in-law actually was the one to convince me to check it out. He said the app helped him figure out what he didn’t want in a partner per-say. I like this app for multiple reasons. One, they’re all muslim. I don’t have to worry about applying a filter or having limited options. There are A LOT of options.

You can adjust filters based on level of religiousness, country origin, sunni or shia, and believe it or not, marital timing. But a helpful hint is to not put marital timing on your profile because that’s just weird and seems forced. So, I would say this has a 60/40% ratio on the type of guys on here. 60% are going to be a “This is why I should delete Minder” type of thought and then 40% would make you reconsider that. You’ll find a handful of guys that are exactly what you’re looking for.

I get a sense that the guys on here are much more serious and are looking more long-term than short-term, incase you couldn’t already tell with the marital timing filter. You’re able to view who you liked, who you passed, and who liked you at anytime. However, if you don’t pay for a subscription, your matches can see if you’re online or not. You will run into family friends on here, and that’s gonna be awkward with any dating app but just swipe left and move on.


  • Adjustable filters based on level of religiousness, country origin, sunni or shia, and believe it or not, marital timing
  • View who you liked, who you passed, who liked you at anytime
  • Nationwide and/or worldwide filter


  • Online-status is shown if you don’t pay for premium
  • Muslim guys typically are much more serious, to the point where it can get extreme and too much
  • 60% are going to be hard-no’s


Hinge, Farah Qutub Profile, Dating apps

Hinge: 6/10

Oh, hinge. As of 2018, hinge has taken the dating app world one match at a time. I mean c’mon, the apps motto is “Designed to be deleted.” The way it works is quite unique, you basically answer a set of 3 questions like “If loving this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right” and you would put your answer. That way you’re able to get a feel for who the person is since their personality shines through their answers.

You’re able to put dealbreakers to where the religion is muslim. However, not too many options for muslim guys on there. I will say my good friend met her husband on there (both muslim), so there is opportunity.

I feel as if the muslims I did meet on Hinge never put muslim on their profile or didn’t broadcast it. They would either have spiritual, or other as a religion. My take is they did this so they could match with people who don’t have muslim as part of their criteria. Thus, inferring that they’re probably not looking for anything too serious. I feel as if the most normal guys live on Hinge, they’re all for the most part not weird, not obsessive and aren’t looking for hookups.


  • Fun idea, get to see personality of matches with question prompts
  • Normal(er) people on this app
  • They send you a compatible match of the day, somebody who they think you would like, and they would like.


  • Muslim guys typically don’t put muslim as their religion, so it’s hard to distinguish if you’re strictly looking for a muslim guy
  • Muslim guys typically aren’t as serious on Hinge
  • If you don’t pay for premium, anybody who likes you, you have to swipe on one by one.
  • Based on a mile-radius of where you’re at, so not really meeting new people from different states


Bumble, Farah Qutub Profile, Dating apps

Bumble: 5/10

This is for all my girls who have no shame in making the first move. You know what you want, so you go get it. Bumble is designed to where the female is only allowed to send the first message. Which is great because the power lies in your hands after you match with somebody and they can’t reach out until you do. If you’re not really into creating witty intro’s and making the first move, this app isn’t for you.

Just like hinge, you can add question prompts but it doesn’t revolve around that and typically nobody really uses them. I feel like guys on here are more lazy than other apps and don’t get on as much, I’m guessing because it can get dry waiting on girls to hit them up first. You can add a filter to where you only look for muslims but similar to hinge, majority won’t put it in their bio. I will say, guys on here are more creepy than on hinge.

They’re a little more forward, more open-minded than an app like Minder and they’re usually not looking for something serious. There location filter is nationwide, so you have a lot more variety. They also have a Bumble BFF version (if you’re new to town and want to meet friends).


  • Girls make the first move
  • Nationwide filter, so much more options if need be


  • Muslim guys typically don’t put muslim as their religion, so it’s hard to distinguish if you’re strictly looking for a muslim guy
  • Men are more forward, creepy. I think this is based on them assuming you’re super interested by sending the first message


Tinder: 0/10

Last time I had Tinder downloaded onto my phone was back in college and let me tell you, it was creeps galore. It rarely had Muslim guys unless they were agnostic and 95% were just looking for hookups. Do yourself a favor and steer clear.

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